Monday, 13 July 2009

Sunburnt + Featured Fashion Blogger of the Week: Ciara from La Dolce Vita

SUNBURNT: Yes, I've become a victim of sunburn. Went to watch The Ashes on Sunday in Caerdydd and who could have thought it, sunburnt in England? Should have listened to my mates when they constantly verbally attacked me, telling me to put on sunblock and a hat. Well, I guess I'm paying for it today. And, even more so, because I started my work experience at a law firm. Yes. That's right. I walked into this law firm with a bright pink face. WOOP! WOOP! As they say first impressions always count. Mine must have been a funny one.

So, I was going to post an outfit pic from the cricket, but then realised I didn't take a photo and then decided I'd show you all one of my work oufit but I'd rather let the sunburn subside, if you guys don't mind? It should be down tomorrow and hopefully I'll be brown as a button and have radiant, glowing skin, a girl can dream right?

Well that's enough of my ranting. Hopefully I'll take some piccies for you tomorrow, you can wait, right?

But don't fret, just because I'm down with the burn of the sun doesn't mean the blog stops. NO WAY JOSE! I've got this weeks Featured Fashion Blogger. Last weet was Kelsea of Let's Be Threads (gorgeous legs girlie! x) and this week I welcome....


Why did you decide to start a blog?
After about a year of following a few other fashion blogs, I finally decided that I really wanted to make my own. I thought it would be fun to display my style to other fashion-lovers like me and I was really interested in hearing others express their opinions toward my fashion sense.
What message do you hope to send out with your blog?
With my blog I hope to be able to inspire someone else. Even if it is only one person, I want to show girls that if they wear their clothing with self-confidence they will look beautiful. Don't let others effect what you wear; if you are original someone will notice. Fashion is meant to embody how you feel and if you are dressing for others instead of yourself then you are not experiencing what fashion truly is.
How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as a complete mixture of my personality. One day I wear more feminine clothes and then the next day I find myself digging through my younger brothers closet for his blazer or a cute button-down. I guess it really depends on my mood. I love wearing dresses and lately I have been obsessed with wearing a waist belt with everything that I can pair one with. I am also in love with shoes. I am a firm believer if that in certain cases if you wear the wrong shoes, you may ruin your outfit.
Who are your fave designers, why?
I don't really have a designer in particular that I love above all others; there are so many amazing fashion designers out there! I love Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent for their classic and timeless designs. I also love Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, and Balmain for their quirky, fun designs and originality. I really like Luella for its beautiful florals and feminine looks and and Lanvin for its gorgeous Parisian style.
Who inspires your style?
To me, anything can be inspiration. A lot of inspiration comes from other blogs or fashion magazines. Celebrities like the Olsen twins, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller, and Rachel Bilson also really inspire my style. However, my mom is probably my main inspiration. She worked in fashion merchandising and I look up to her for a lot of advice.
What do you do when your not blogging?
When I'm not blogging I love to go to the beach and hang out with friends. Shopping is always fun. I spend a lot of time browsing the Teen Vogue forums, too. Art and writing are also passions of mine. I love drawing and painting and I know that I will always love to write.
What are your fave blogs?
I love Sea of Shoes; Jane's shoes are absolutely amazing and her clothes are to die for. Karla's closet is great; her outfits are always gorgeous. I also really like the Stylish Spot and Style Rookie for their uniqueness and originality. I always love seeing new outfits on those two blogs. The Satorialist is also very inspirational. Street style is always fun to see.
Do you have any advice for others wanting to start their own blog?
All of truly have to say is go ahead and do it! It literally takes only a few minutes to make and the comments and support of everyone is great. Keep the layout very simple and make sure that you have fun with it.
What are your fave places to shop?
I do not have a particular store that is my favorite. I like to shop anywhere that I can find good clothes. I love Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, and The Gap and J. Crew always have great basics. I always love finding cheap things at Marshall's. Some brands I really like are Free People, Steve Madden, and BB Dakota. There are also a few very cute boutiques near my house that I love to shop at. There stuff is always adorable.
What trends inspire you this season?
I have been obsessed with gladiators since last spring and I really like boyfriend jeans. I also love high-waisted skirts and I have been living in high-waisted Levi's shorts that my aunt gave me a few years ago. They are so comfortable!

Finally, If you could be anyone living or dead who would you be?
I am not sure who I would want to be; there are way to many inspirational people who have lived. Truthfully, I think I would want to stay myself. I am my own person and even if I haven't made my mark on the world yet, i might make it in the future. My life may not be perfect but I do really love it. I have a loving family, amazing friends, and I am lucky for all I have and all I have gotten to experience. Who knows, maybe I will grow up to be someone who is a role model or an inspiration. Only time will tell.
Don't miss out, read it HERE!
I've got so many beautiful bloggers to show you all that I'm going to give you another Blogger of the Week. Yep, you heard it, two fashionable girlies this week! Keep an eye out for it!
If you want to feature as my blogger of the week: send me an email PRESTO!
Love you, mwah!xx


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