Thursday, 9 July 2009

Outfit Post: Christian Lacroix for EJF

Forgot to say, I got my hair cut the other day, you can't see it in these pics though because I'm wearing it in a bun, it's about shoulder length now, I don't feel the same without my long locks. Well I wore this today to do a bit of shopping and then I watched Billy Elliot (love it!) I'm wearing a waistcoat, Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop Skirt and a Christian Lacroix for EJF t-shirt which I'm selling, it's a size small and I'm selling it for £60 including P&P. Only worn it 3 times but it's gorgeous. I bought it at London Fashion Weekend and its apparently sold out now. Check my shop for more pictures.



Hadley said...

lovely vest! makes me want to go thrifting to find one like it

Luna Supernova said...

thankyou, I'm wearing a tie-dyed dress by Insight under the slip.

I love the print of the dress under the t-shirt in your outfit (It is a dress right? I've seen it on Alexa Chung)

Luna Supernova said...

um, i'm not sure I'f I would but if I decide to you'll be the first to know.

it would be so simple to make though, I've replicated the exact pattern on a singlet and on a t-shirt so if you found a long singlet dress you could re-create it for a fraction of the price!

Isabel said...

I absolutely adore adore adore your skirt! Saw it on Topshop and fell in love with it...Sadly, there is no Topshop in Canada.

Hadley said...

sorry, a bit strapped for cash at the moment but if i wasn't, i'd definitely hit you up for that vest :)