Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Legally Brunette

So. Here it is, an outfit post. I'm [discreetly] hiding my sunburn with my hair. OUCH! It really really REALLY hurts. Half the Nivea Cooling After Sun Spray has disappered, maybe I'm just a little paranoid, but who wouldn't be walking into a law office looking like a salmon or as my sister has called me since sunday "Patrick," you know, the cute little starfish on Spongebob, well, I think he's cute but it's hardly a compliment, is it?

Today, I thought a red cardigan would disguise some of that sunburn but actually realised that it enhanced it, OOPS! Fashion 101: never wear red when you're sunburnt. I won't be forgetting that anytime soon.

What I'm Wearing: Red Gap Cardigan, White Whistles Tee, Grey American Apparel High Waisted Skirt, Black Topshop Ribbed Tights + White Brogues (not seen in pictures:

Quite liked how bright and sunny it was minus the flash. YAY! Sunny summer sun but then, like typical English weather it bucketed it down when I got off the train.
I made a discovery today when walking to the station after work. I popped into a charity shop, Cancer Research UK, to be exact. There were some GREAT things in there but I walked in just as it was about to close, typical me. But, I'll head back there tomorrow, I must admit that I'm not the greatest thrift shopper, I can never find what I like, in the right size etc. etc/ excuses excuses!
But, let's see if I come back with anything tomorrow. I'll leave you with an inspirational MKA pick, aren't they just gorgeous. Loving the red lips MK.

N.B. The SHOP has been updated. OH YES! And this time it's a bargain one - £5 each! WOAH! Check it out or, erm, BE SQUARE!



Me said...

Very nice outfit
its simple yet chic
I also really like your blog\

Anna Shapiro said...

Very cute, simple outfit.
As always your hair is lovely :p

You should buy some of the GREAT clothes, even if your not a big thrifter, just because they're for a cause, i'd say it's a good a time as ever to start thrifting!

Kinsey said...

I hate sun burn, I was lucky enough this summer to only get it twice so far. ALoe in general makes sunburn feel better.
Really cute outfit, looks comfy and chic at the same time. I cant wait to start wearing tights again!

T-Shirt and Tails said...


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Glamour Bbey said...

Nice blog girl, I follow you!

- Do you come back on mine? x