Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Guess Who's Back...


Sorry bloggers, couldn't help myself. I've returned from Paradise with a copious amount of photos to show you but typical me I can't find the cord thingy for the computer. Will make sure I'm up and blogging again in no time.

Hope everyone is well. I'm nice and tanned for once, flicking through the photos it was hard to believe that I was so pastey and pale before. The alabastar look obviously wasn't working for me and now that I'm brown I NEVER EVER want to turn back, did I say NEVER EVER?!?

Have you all been globe trotting, let me know your summer antics, I LOVE LOVE Summer and a certain american boy (oops, did I just let a summer romance story slip? Never.)

Haha, well goodbye for now, will post soon!



Anonymous said...

Your blog is very cute!

LAYNE said...

love all of the beautiful pics.

and those pink shoes are amazing.