Saturday, 11 July 2009

Featured Blogger of the Week: Kelsea from Let's Be Threads

Kelsea of Let's Be Threads is a gorgeous 15 year old girl and inspirational blogger and is my first ever Featured Blogger of the week. I've has the opportunity to interview her for this segment and she is certainly a girl that will be remembered.

The perfect introduction to her is her ABOUT ME section on her blog: "Just a tall russian girl who loves fashion, coffee, and color, and would like nothing more than to aimlessly sail about the south seas. in case you happen to be dying to know, my favorite animals are giraffes, owls, and a dog named peetie."

Now read the interview below:

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I think as I grew, I just naturally fell into the fashion world. I have always had a passion for writing, but have also been an artsy person. Fashion has become the ultimate outlet to creatively express myself.

What message do you hope to send out with your blog?
It's a collection of my own outfits, what inspires me, and current events in the fashion world. So I guess by adding my views to the table, I am hoping that it will at least inspire someone as well as convince others to give the industry a chance. How would you describe your style? I tend to strive for effortlessness, but at the same time I love to look elegant and put-together. It's a good feeling when people of all walks of life and not just the fashion-followers give you compliments on your outfits.

Who are your fave designers, why?
There are too many personalities. They all have their strengths and flaws. There are always going to be the kings and queens, like Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace, and there are always going to be the underrated newcomers, like Jason Wu. It's the whole round table that I love, so trust me when I go cliche here and say I simply can't pick just one.

Who inspires your style?
Since I am only 15, I am still in the stage where it's crucial for me to experiment. Therefore, I pull from everything that I admire. That includes countless fellow bloggers, both American and international magazines, and memorable snapshots from my travels. I have to look abroad. I have a soft spot for the Ginza and Harajuku girls of Tokyo, even though I've never actually been there.

What do you do when your not blogging?
I horse ride. I cook with my brother. I go for walks with friends. I trade and sell clothes, constantly read all things fashion, continue to upkeep a personal journal, and of course I shop. I write for my school newspaper.

What are your fave blogs?
Cheapskate Chic, Hand It Over, Zanita, Lily Deliquescence, Knight Cat, and many more.

Do you have any advice for others wanting to start their own blog?
BE YOU. Post YOUR outfits, YOUR buys, YOUR inspirations, pictures of YOU AND PEOPLE YOU LOVE. Get the point? Do not get this mixed up with selfishness, of course. But your blog is all about you. You are not the reporter, you are a person with your own views and people are always eager to see what other people bring to the table. At the same time, you need to be a sponge and continue to soak up all the fashion you can get. It will shape you.

What are your fave places to shop?
I am from a small town. We have the mainstream stores. That is why when it comes to shopping, I come off as totally naive. But, as I travel more and more often, I build up a mental roster of shopping spots. This includes South Beach boutiques, Chicago's Miracle Mile, and all of Boston.

What trends inspire you this season?
I like belted ensembles, platforms, voluminous hair, denim leggings, and certain swings at the minimalist look. I don't usually jump at trends.

Finally, if you could be anyone in the world, living or dead, who would you be?
I am content with myself, despite my occasional worrying. So with that said, it would be nice to be as brave and carefree as Emilia Earnhart for awhile.

Be sure to visit this girl's blog!

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kelsea said...

thanks again for interviewing me. i truly appreciate this!
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She seems so cool. We are defintly going to her blog!

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Thanks for sharing, it's a great blog, and so is yours, love your outfits!

nicola xx

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Loving the layout of your blog!!!
Thanks for the fab interview, will surely check out her blog!

xx Ela
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lovely dress!!

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