Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Covert Candy

Another work experience outfit today! Yipee! This black Topshop Dress is so soft and flowy, it's divine! I love it! I feel like a ballerina, hence the poses. Paired it with grey ribbed tights, yes, tights in summer, it was raining today, AGAIN! Am wearing a silence and noise grey military style jacket as well and the last picture shows that I finally decided to belt it, I wasn't going for the maternity look!

I made a boo boo at work experience today. Big boss man told me to "file" his post and I did the thing is I miss heard him, he said to " pull the files." How can I make such a mistake, I DON'T KNOW! Geez Louise, I felt like crying, I'm such a baby, I know. But, then I had to go through ALL the filing cabinets there are like 20 and TRY TO REMEMBER where I put them all. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO END!

Anyway, 2 days to go!

I’ve discovered something new! The Casper Slide Part two? Well… Featuring the Platinum Band? No. But don’t worry it’s still time to get FUN-KY. – The Website That Could Revolutionize The Way You Get Hold of Your Clothes

It’s a UK online clothing exchange community and is different from most other Style Swap sites which is what I L.O.V.E about it. You don’t just have to take part in a one on one exchange. With Covert Candy you sell your old clothes for points and VOILA, you can use those points to buy NEW clothes from other stylish users on the site.

Covert Candy’s mantra? “We believe that the problems related to clothing production can be dramatically reduced by sharing used clothes rather than purchasing new items.”
By Golly, it’s great! Can it get any better I hear you say. OH YES! (as said by Churchill the dog in those ads) Don't feel like swapping clothes then BUY 80s vintage clothes. Like this jacket below:

I have become addicted, and can constantly finding myself perusing its pages. There's so much stuff! I can search the site for days. I'll show you my buys/ swaps from Covert Candy when they arrive!

Tomorrow: I've got a new Featured Fashion Blogger for you! Don't forget to EMAIL me if you want to be featured! I look forward to hearing from you. Also, if you want to be added to my blogroll just leave me a comment.



DaisyChain said...

I LOVE that dress.

smartscruffyfashion said...

Hey hun, those tights are gorgeous... love them for some reason!?!

I wanted the thigh highs but then i saw they aren't very tight fitting. I don't like the idea of them being slouchy, what do you think?


Lucy ♥ said...

haha when you started quoting DJ Casper i laughed out loud
what a tune x

smartscruffyfashion said...

Yeh I thought they were skin tight and then saw the Topshop Style notes with the models wearing them. They aren't going to be tight even if you have fatter legs than a model lol so I was like mm no point. I've seen a pair by Karen Millen in this months Elle that are gorgeous - think I'll go for them..

Email me on the mag info so you can explain a bit more about it x


Lucy ♥ said...

yeah that sounds cool!
i think you have my email from when i emailed about the feature blogger so feel free to drop me an email on it

Anonymous said...

I love your dress! I'm going to follow your blog. =]

DaisyChain said...

Enamor sounds great to me,
drop me an e-mail


geisharock said...

hey, just came across your blog through lauren's :) i love the dress! very work smart. covert candy sounds interesting... i have so many clothes to get rid of and so little time to put them on ebay!! UK bloggers should host a huge blog yard sale someday haha. can we swap links please? i'm adding you to my blogroll whatever the case xoxo