Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ode to Petrach

I realised that I promised outfit pics but my laptop has been ATTACKED BY A TROJAN! So, I've taken it to those UH-MAZING techies down in who knows where. I hope it will be fixed soon I and then I can finally start uploading outfit pictures again!
While my laptop is being fixed I am leaving you with another inspirational post which I have called an ode to Petrach. I adore his poetry at the moment and all this apres-exam calm is the perfect time to INDULGE in my INDULGENCES. I'm of course going to treat myself to a new summer wardrobe (mainly autumn/winter pieces that I need to start getting and of course VINTAGE shopping. Portobello!!
BTW seeing Alexa wearing that Barbara Hulanicki Dress makes me wonder why I didn't buy it myself?!?! I thought I'd never find the time to wear it (so ended up buying the skirt instead) but of course Alexa has come up with the best casual look for it!
I hope everyone is else and sorry for the screw up on the outfit post... I was so nearly there xx


Oh Dear Charlotte said...

i die for the hair in the first three photos!

kirstyb said...

Love these photos xoxoox

La Chauve-Souris said...

rack awsome selection of pics


bonne nuit
la chauve-souris

The Queen of Hearts said...

No worries, I thought the pictures that you did post, though not of you, were amazing. Excellent shapes and designs.

Lauren said...

I love that dress Alexa has! I really want it but I think I'm gonna make one that suits me a bit better with the huge shoulders. haha.

x x x

frances said...

aw love, I'm sorry, I'll be at home this weekend (like, northeast england, pretty far from london). I won't be back in London for a few weeks now.
I hope you have an amazing time though! Can't wait to see some outfit photos too. x