Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pushing Daisies

I wore this dress yesterday in London while I sat around in Hyde Park. I teamed it with cowboy boots (sorry there is no picture), satchel bag and military style jacket. I absolutely love florals at the moment, maybe a bit too much, there is a whole section in my wardrobe devoted to them it's turning into an obsession.
I'm going out tonight, when I should really be revising but I should give myself a pre-exam treat, right?

I'm very sorry for the lack of quality within these photos, I will try and sort that out as soon as possible. Anyone know a good photoshop programme??? Or how to prevent bluriness when putting your camera on timer???
Grazie mille


Hayley said...

I love this dress, it's so cute. And it looks great with the military jackets.


Hayley said...

Thanks for the comment.
The denim shirt was from Topshop and I really want one now. I think it was £30. If I can't find one anywhere else I'll probably buy that one. Outfit post will be up soon, my sister who is an aspiring photographer asked to take some photos of me yesterday so I'll use the ones she took, they'll be posted as soon as she sends them to me!


Cypriotchick said...

Hey yeah, i would totaly love to swap links! i love the jacket and how it really makes the floral print stand out.
Tips for making your self timered images sharp include:
using the flash
leaving camera on stable surface


sa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.