Friday, 1 May 2009

Flower Power.

I went shopping today. Yay! An end of week, well deserved, treat after three history essays. I bought this dress and quite a few other things to see me through this week so will post my new outfits next week.
I hope you are all liking the blog and are excited about the Bank Holiday, let's hope the sun comes out.
So two things I bought today were a flower dress and some gladiator sandals, sorry I don't have good pictures of the gladiator sandals.
What is everyone lusting over at the moment?

Mi voglio molti vestiti adesso, ho la mia orale italiano settimana prossima. Ho paura! xx


Sadie said...

Ooooooh I love this :)
& I definitely need to get a pair of gladiators!

Thanks for the tip off about the dress! I'm hopefully going to a big topshop soon, so I might splash out!

Good luck with your italian! (I hope thats what it said anyway :)!)


La Fée said...

ooh cute dress! is it from motel, the print looks kind of familiar :)

Katy said...

would loveee to exchange links!! ill put yours up asap. love your blog too:)

Audrey Leighton said...

love the skirt!