Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bank Holiday Inspiration

Was out and about in the fairly sunny weather in London today I haven't had a chance to upload the photos of my camera but promise I will post my outfit up soon.
While you're waiting here are some inspirational photos for the Bank Holiday. I'm definentley thinking lace tights in a smokey setting for tomorrow night!
What are everyone's bank holiday plans?

Photo Credit: Forsvaretshudsalva and Whitefox

lo fanno per ribellarsi...


Hayley said...

Great photos, can't wait to see the ones you've taken.
Not got many plans for the bank holiday, it's my dad's birthday tomorrow and I have a coursework deadline for Tuesday so I shall be doing some work on Monday.
Have a good bank holiday weekend, one which, touch wood, shows no sign of rain!
Thanks for my comment and linking me.


Melissa said...

Ah-mazingg inspiration. Can't wait to see your outfit! And I linked you. :)