Tuesday, 28 April 2009

LBD = Lace Black Dress

Evening to you all.
Like I said in my previous post I am off to a dinner tonight and have been rifling through my wardrobe for the past hour looking for something suitable and I have chosen my (Little) Lace Black Dress which I bought a while back but haven't found the chance to wear it.
Black always needs brightening up though so I chose some patent red heels, still yet to decide a bag, silver jewelled clutch?
What outfits have you all been wearing?

I love how intricate the lace is! I've got a great tribal inspired outfit for tomorrow which I can't wait to wear, I will put the pictures up tomorrow evening hopefully!
I hope you're all liking my blog so far!
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frances said...

that dress is a beauty! you're so skiiinny, jealous much x

Yuka said...

i love lace! especially in black!

A. said...

Welcome to blogging! Your outfits are cute, keep on posting :)


P.S. Shall we exchange links?

Akiri Ricky said...

hey hun! like your blog, keep it up!! :)
gonna add you to my linklist NOW ;)


Milly. said...

I love your dress. I've been looking for one like this for SO LONG. Where's yours from? (for inspiration, not to get the same dress! :))

You should get bloglovin' then I can follow it properly.


Hayley said...

I love this lace dress, it looks great on you. Hope you had a good dinner.

Want to exchange links?


Sadie said...

Ohhh wow I love this dress :). Especially the lace sleeves!
I'm looking for something similar but in cream!