Thursday, 30 April 2009

I'm working on my ROAR!!

For someone reason I was feeling in a rather feline mood today, it started off with my favourite blue bandage skirt and then I put on my tiger print t-shirt and while searching for my blazer I walked further into my wardrobe and found this leopardish print fur jacket which I have worn only once around Christmas time.

It was time to bring it back out today in this cold and rainy weather which has returned. I thought that maybe it was too much and I would have been mistaken for a stray cat but to my surprise I got many compliments on today's outfit. I LOVE it! So here are the pictures below:

Don't you just want to stroke it, it's so soft and luxurious I want to be a cat. For your information the jacket is faux fur, I would never go near the real stuff, I'm a huge animal lover!
"I wanna be a might King, so enemies beware..." xx


Katy said...

first to comment!!

cooool blog. found you via bloglovin. i was lusting over those topshop boots as well when i finally picked up my ass and went to broadway and broome (i live in ny).

please check mine out...

Milly. said...

V. individual outfit - absolutely love it.
I think I have your skirt in lilac! :)

x x x x