Thursday, 30 April 2009

I'm working on my ROAR!!

For someone reason I was feeling in a rather feline mood today, it started off with my favourite blue bandage skirt and then I put on my tiger print t-shirt and while searching for my blazer I walked further into my wardrobe and found this leopardish print fur jacket which I have worn only once around Christmas time.

It was time to bring it back out today in this cold and rainy weather which has returned. I thought that maybe it was too much and I would have been mistaken for a stray cat but to my surprise I got many compliments on today's outfit. I LOVE it! So here are the pictures below:

Don't you just want to stroke it, it's so soft and luxurious I want to be a cat. For your information the jacket is faux fur, I would never go near the real stuff, I'm a huge animal lover!
"I wanna be a might King, so enemies beware..." xx

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


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Thank you for all your support and comments guys its really encouraging to know that people like my style and actually want to read my blog.

I've joined Blog Lovin' as a request from Milly so there you go! Don't really understand it though.

As promised here is my tribal outfit that I wore today with these F.A.B fringed boots from Topshop, I heart them!

I'm also lusting over these Topshop boots:

Anyone want to lend me £100. Wish I hadn't bought the fringe ones now (£85).

Which boots do you think are better the fringe ones or these amazing blue studded ones?

Love you all, keep your encouraging comments coming! xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

LBD = Lace Black Dress

Evening to you all.
Like I said in my previous post I am off to a dinner tonight and have been rifling through my wardrobe for the past hour looking for something suitable and I have chosen my (Little) Lace Black Dress which I bought a while back but haven't found the chance to wear it.
Black always needs brightening up though so I chose some patent red heels, still yet to decide a bag, silver jewelled clutch?
What outfits have you all been wearing?

I love how intricate the lace is! I've got a great tribal inspired outfit for tomorrow which I can't wait to wear, I will put the pictures up tomorrow evening hopefully!
I hope you're all liking my blog so far!
If you want me to add your blog to my links list leave a comment!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Be il mio Superman.

Having been inspired on this rainy day by the pictures in my previous post I decided to go for a colour clash, blue and red (semi-patriotic) ensemble.
I unleashed the superhero within me with this top from Mango and hope that my Clarke Kent will fly through the window whilst I write this - my necklace is semi-reminiscent of Kryptonite I think so maybe he won't.

What do you all think? Got a friends birthday dinner to attend tomorrow evening I will let you know what I finally decide to wear in this confused mind of mine.
ti voglio x

Rainy Day Inspiration: -

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
It's a Rainy Day and I'm about to get dressed, what should I wear?
I'm thinking Kaya, Daria, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and Allie.
Will post my outfit later and have you seen Alexa's BAFTA outfit, lo voglio addesso!

Mi Spero che these pictures inspire your outfits too. x

Get the champers out!


This is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago at a friends birthday.
Coral is a key colour, don't you know?
And the belt and bottle of champers the perfect accessory!
What do you all think?

For some reason my hair has become brown in this picture, ho confusione! Ma, mi piace! x

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fly like a Bird...

So this is my first fashion post.
Saturday night was spent out with friends for a few drinks.
Don't you love catching up with someone when you haven't seen them for years?!?

High-waisted Skirt and bodysuit which is cut at the back (sorry I don't have pictures) I love when the back is cut, shoulder blades! And semi-practical ankle boots from Nine West.

Sorry I'm faceless! I'd rather remain anonymous, well at least for now. There is something very mysterious about it.

What did you all get up to this weekend?



Ciao tutti!

Im Cathy I previously had another blog 'London Fashion Girl' but deleted it to leave time to concentrate on exams and now I'm back with a new blog, and new look.
Previously my blog was more of a latest fashion news blog but on 'Self Indulgent' I will also post pictures of my latest outfits (well at least as many as I can.)
I hope you all enjoy what this future blog will develop into.